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Cultural Center

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The Cape Verdean Association Cultural Community Center located at the historical “Strand Theater” will be a fully restored and rehabilitated welcoming space in the North End of New Bedford and will provide a physical space for musical performances, cultural history preservation, art exhibitions, and 21st century education and youth programming. The Center will be open to all, young and old, individuals and groups, with an emphasis on providing programs to enrich and preserve Cape Verdean culture.

In addition to showcasing local artists and performers regional and national talent will be invited to participate in cultural
activities. All artists, entrepreneurs, and business people alike, will have access to this community-based space for information sessions, meetings, and events.

Plans for the physical space for performances, cultural programming, workshops, and instruction include:

  • Foyer and gathering area: presentations, meetings, poetry reading, dinners, receptions, art exhibits, host heritage crafting, trade fairs 

  • Large Performance Stage: live musical performances and concerts, dance companies, rehearsal space, movies, plays

  • Backstage Area: small meeting rooms, practice studios, office spaces, classroom space, writer studios, technology            instruction

  • Mezzanine: audience seating plans for the physical space for performances, cultural programming, workshops, and instruction included

In the future, the Cultural Center will also provide a satellite Office for the Consulate General of Cape Verde providing an active social network for new immigrants unaware of local resources. This local office will provide immigration services, translation, registration, consultation, and legal referrals for passports, visa certificates, declarations of power of attorney, and assistance acquiring Cape Verdean nationality documentation.

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